Guest Of Honor: David Weber

We at Marcon are proud to announce our Author Guest of Honor, David Weber. One of Americas most well known science fiction writers. Most Famously known for his celebrated Honor Harrington Series and the Honorverse that he expanded from it. Long time attendees of Marcon will be especially excited to see him again.

Its been twenty years since we last had David as a guest at our con. And we are looking forward to him being our first Guest of Honor in the new age of Marcon. He is the recipient of The Phoenix Award for Science Fiction. Also his book A Beautiful Friendship won the Hal Clement Award. He has also been asked to present the first Andre Norton Award and he was asked to present the Quill Literary Award.

With more than Eight Million copies in print and more than Thirty Three books on the New York times best sellers list. The man has been called a science fiction powerhouse!!!