The Science Oriented Literature, Art, and Education Foundation (SOLAE)

SOLAE, The Science Oriented Literature, Art, and Education Foundation® was created in 1994 and is based in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of the Foundation is to hold, sponsor, and/or participate in current and future events which advance science-oriented literature, arts, and education. Such events shall be held in a manner which does not discriminate with regard to race, religious belief, age, abilities, sexual orientation, or national origin.

As an educational non-profit foundation with a program objective to use the excitement of Fantasy and Science Fiction conventions as an incentive towards creating a greater interest in science, art, costuming, and literature. All staffing support needed to conduct the programs is contributed by volunteers. The organization is financially supported by its member conventions, fundraising, and donations.

Major programs include:

Judging of State science fairs

Educator Grants for Science or Science Fiction Oriented Projects

Fundraising events for scholarship awards

Collecting of books or funds for schools, and other non-profit institutions

Supporting member conventions and their events throughout the year

Science Fiction oriented Short Story Writing Contests