Become a member of The Solae Foundation


Have you ever wanted to start an event? Do you think you have what it takes to start a con? Want to start a charity event for your local community? Well, its not easy, one of the most difficult aspects is your events taxable situation. Weather you have an already existing event and you’re having a hard time becoming a nonprofit or want to start an event and the idea of doing taxes terrify you. There is hope. You could become a member organization of The Solae Foundation.

We here at the Solae Foundation are a 501c3 Corporation made up of members of the member conventions and events.

What would your event or organization need to become a member of The Solae Foundation?

-A Chairman: This is the head of your organization, the one responsible for what happens with the event. You also need to prepare a line of succession. Lets face it anything can happen.

-A Treasurer: This the master of your organizations financial books. They are responsible for the events banking and financial records.

-A Budget Plan: You need to explain how you intend to fund said event, and how that funding will be spent.

-A written acknowledgement of a tentative agreement from the venue, hotel, or event space with dates for your event.

Please submit your event bid to :

After we have received your bid, Solae will meet for our quarterly meeting to vote on your entrance into the organization!!